Dynamic Projection Surfaces
for Immersive Visualization

Theodore C. Yapo, Yu Sheng, Joshua Nasman, Andrew Dolce, Eric Li, and Barbara Cutler
To appear in PROCAMS 2010 IEEE International Workshop on Projector-Camera Systems
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Abstract: We present a system for dynamic projection on large, human-scale, moving projection screens and demonstrate this system for immersive visualization applications in several fields. We have designed and implemented efficient, low-cost methods for robust tracking of projection surfaces, and a method to provide high frame rate output for computationally-intensive, low frame rate applications. We present a distributed rendering environment which allows many projectors to work together to illuminate the projection surfaces. This physically immersive visualization environment promotes innovation and creativity in design and analysis applications and facilitates exploration of alternative visualization styles and modes. The system provides for multiple participants to interact in a shared environment in a natural manner. Our new human-scale user interface is intuitive and novice users require essentially no instruction to operate the visualization.
full room lighting infrared camera image detected surfaces projection-applied "paint"


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